Housing Options to Relocate

Houses are much more than buildings, they are a part of our lives as they hold our memories and moments that make up who we are. So, what do you do when you need to relocate? We understand how emotions are involved in letting go of the house to relocate – the home you have come to know, love and cherish – especially for relocation. Therefore, relocation is indeed a daunting process that could be physically, financially and emotionally draining. Asides, the fact that you have to move somewhere you are not used to, you require a lot of energy and effort in making sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Emotional connection to your home

This is the reason why we understand that you need to get over the emotions of losing your house quickly, fully aware that every pound might facilitate the process of starting a new life very well and very soon also, as well as help with closure. You’ve been in here for decades, not days like a short stay in serviced accommodation.

Therefore, the sales of the house are often times as important to your relocation to enable you begin the next chapter of your life. Of all the things to be worried about in a time like this, getting your house sold for the right price and within a short timeframe is one of the things you don’t deserve to be bothered about, as selling the house quickly and getting a great price for it is our priority.

To attract the right buyers, we take the liberty of refurbishing and renovating the house which speeds up sales. Speaking of refurbishing, you don’t need to be afraid as a little amount is needed. Furthermore, we target high paying buyers which mean that the state of the house has to be mildly exquisite at the very least. Ranging from bungalows to mansions, we make sure you get the best support in the sales of your properties within two months having sorted out the necessary legal work papers.

Client Experience

My name is Bill Taylor. In the early months of 2015, I won a scholarship to further my study in Engineering in Japan, all the way in Asia but it was a life-long dream. My parents would have been proud had they been around but they would have also been burdened by the fees to get me over there as well as securing a visa. The scholarship covered fully paid tuition fees as well as accommodation but nothing more besides that. I made a modest living working at the mall but that would not even put a dent in my budget. I had almost given up on the scholarship, taking it as one of the many things in life that we never actually achieve before my boss asked about my family house. Why not sell it? He asked me. It was an idea I had never contemplated. I asked my uncle Carl and he gave his blessings.

With the closing deadline approaching and no success with the agencies I had tried, my boss led me to this website. So, what was it going to cost me, a few kilobytes or megabytes? For the first time in weeks, I found people who understood the great decision I had to make, the severity of it and the urgency.  They worked their magic and Japan became a reality. Kon’nichiwa!

Today, I am in my final year looking to graduate with honors.

Bill Taylor

Relocation can be difficult, but can be rewarding if the right decision is made with the right partners.

How we can help

We’re well aware it took a lot of focus, perseverance and money to maintain your house in good condition. So, that’s why we protect your input and even do more to make your sold property look grand and more appealing to the third party clients.

  • We are efficient.
  • We’re reliable.
  • Fraud is not our nature.
  • We always put the emotional state of our clients into consideration.
  • We’re fast sellers if we work together.
  • We make your little efforts and dreams become a reality.
  • Your concern is our business
  • Lastly, you can count on us


With a house like a typical bungalow, little amount of money is needed. The living room will be fixture and a little lusher of decor of neutral colours to give a homely state. A living room needs the best colour and best furniture because it’s the first room you enter when invited to a home, it speaks for the entire building; the equivalent of a first impression with houses. You wouldn’t want to buy a house that has the living room not in a decent state. We know there’s a term renovation but we all want to save costs.

The bulb holders need a bit of changing as well as the furniture i.e. cabinets, wardrobes, drawers and shelves which need spraying to polish and make the wood surface attractive. Then we move to the bedrooms: The bedroom is where we spend most time of the day sleeping, dressing and cleaning up-since the bathroom is in the bedroom (en-suite). This place has to be fetching. The walls have to be re-painted in neutral colours, the window panes changed and painted also.

The glasses of the casement window will be replaced; the wardrobes, dresser and any other furniture will be polished. The bathroom which doesn’t need so much touch only needs a shower cubicle: since all modern houses have that. Most people want modern houses. The balcony is too plain; it needs a little greenery and life. Tubs, hanging baskets of plants will be placed there by a gardener to give it a homely look; I don’t want your houses looking like a business institution.

Cash and time available?

Therefore, i’d say in estimation (and experience) you will spend roughly between the ranges of ten to twelve thousand pounds which you’ll surely make a hefty gain if you leave it up to us. As is often said, we spend money to make money. We just give the opportunity for a marginal gain for YOU.

Plus, you’ll also have the weeks or often months of refurbishment works going on. That means builders and trades people in everyday, clutter around the house and even more difficulty to sort through everything you need to before relocating!

Once the house is given to us to handle, apart from our commission, the cost of refurbishment and other legal works involved: we affirm the high cost of profit you’ll gain if u believe and leave it up to us to help you get a happy relocation. Thank you…

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